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There are number of speech disorders an individual suffer from and with help of speech pathologists it is possible to treat the disorders. Some of the disorders include:

  • Fluency Disorder – It involves problems related to speech fluency and is most stuttering issues. The speech flow is interrupted due to abnormal stoppage. The speech has extended sounds and syllables with more use of ssssss.
  • Articulation Disorder – It is one of the common problems faced by people where an individual finds it difficult to pronounce a word correctly. The word is incorrectly spelled and not understood easily. It is also related to difficulty in producing sounds.
  • Resonance Disorder – This kind of speech disorder is related to problems related to pitch, volume, voice quality etc. This generally lacks clarity in speech and may cause pain or discomfort for the speaker for putting extra effort.
  • Dysphagia – This involves feeding disorder making it difficult for an individual to drool, eat and swallow food.

Our experienced speech pathologists help in identifying the problem and customise a plan to help treating the disorder. The speech therapy is an important treatment and with right solutions, it is possible to reduce speech related problems.

At Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic, we provide complete and comprehensive Speech Therapy Services along with customise hearing aid solution.