Pure Tone Audiometry(PTA)

It is a hearing test conducted by audiologist which helps in determining the threshold level of hearing for an individual. It helps in basic understanding degree, type and element of hearing loss. It is a test which helps in understanding the hearing loss issue at base level. The test is subjective in nature because it largely depends on the response of the patient to pure tone stimuli. It is mainly measuring and finding the hearing threshold. In order to undertake the test, it requires high standards of equipment and expertise & skills of audiologist which is available at Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic. It is subjective test and findings are recorded depending on patient response. It is conducted on adults and children old enough to be able to co-operate and provide correct information during the test. The PTA test results determine the kind of hearing treatment required in the future.

Types of Pure Tone Tests

Air Conduction

The comprehensive test is conducted on the patient that plays sounds into the person’s ears directly with help of earphones. With the help of earphone, the sounds are played directly in the ears of a person. This is an effective test which gives audiologists complete information on all parts of an ear and how it works.

Bone Conduction

A bone oscillator is used during bone conduction test which produces sound. The bone oscillator is placed on the forehead of a person. With this help of the bone conduction test, it gives you comprehensive information on how the inner ear works. It also provides the information about sensorineural function.

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