Impedance Audiometry

It is also called as Tympanometry which helps in finding out the function of eardrum and middle ear. The test is basically to identify performance of eardrum and middle ear which is pursued by placing a small earphone in ear canal. The air pressure is gradually changed. The test helps in identifying any possible ear infection of presence of fluid in middle ear. If there is fluid, it interferes with the hearing ability and hence appropriate treatment is provided.

Customised Hearing Aids Solution

At Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic, complete check up is performed by experts and depending on situation, an appropriate solution is provided. We offer personalised hearing aid which are customised to rectify a particular hearing loss. We have highly qualified and experienced audiologists who perform advance testing to find out if there is requirement of hearing aid, custom design hearing aid depending on individual need and also take care of fittings. The hearing instrument is unique to individual and hence Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic, use latest technology and various testing help in finding instrument as per individual requirement.

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