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Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic is an extremely professional speech & hearing clinic staffed with highly qualified and experienced professionals. A clinic cannot be good without staff who are not only trained but expert in their domain of service. Our clinic is staffed with qualified audiologists with years of experiencing in treating hearing and speech disorder. It is not only the professional degree or qualification but all the audiologists have great previous experience. All of them are aware of the latest technological advancement and use of the rights aids in treatment.


Assessment of Hearing Loss

In assessing the intensity and level of hearing loss, complete diagnostic is very important. As recommended by ENT specialists, audiologists and renowned doctors, a complete diagnostic hearing test is essential in identifying the root cause of the problem. The importance of diagnostic test lies in the fact that it helps in understanding if the hearing loss is temporary or permanent. It helps in identifying the exact location of the problem like inner ear, middle ear, cochlea, eardrum, ear canal etc.

Comprehensive Facilities and Testing Conducted by Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic:

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Pure Tone Audiometry(PTA)

It is a hearing test conducted by audiologist which helps in determining the threshold level of hearing for an individual.

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Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

Otoacoustic Emission test is conducted on infants and new-borns which help in finding out deafness.

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Impedance Audiometry

It is also called as Tympanometry which helps in finding out the function of eardrum and middle ear.

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