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Hearing loss is a major concern and a lot of people are affected by the same due to many factors. The technological advancement has rapidly evolved medical industry and hearing aids are also product of this technological wagon. There are different types of hearing instruments including analog and digital hearing aids. Hearing aids are devices which amplify sounds and help resolve the issue of hearing loss.

The analog hearing aids helped by providing equal amplification across varying frequencies and neatly controlled the volume. Analog hearing aids increase the loudness of continuous sound waves and amplify all sounds. Now-a-days analog hearing aids are replaced mostly by hearing aids built on digital technology. The digital hearing aids convert the sound waves into digital signals and duplicate the sound exactly. This helps in better processing and clarity in the sound.

Here are advantages of using hearing aids designed on digital technologies:-

  • Provides different level of amplification across varying frequencies customised according to individual’s hearing loss.
  • Easy mapping of sound from high to low frequency.
  • It reduces problems associated with occlusion, jarring & jittering sounds, wind echo and loud sounds.
  • Amplification of very soft and low sound to make it audible for the individual.
  • Digital hearing aids available with wireless solutions. Bluetooth in most of the hearing aids make it compatible with mobile phones, television and the instrument can be used for clear sound grasping during events.

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