About Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic

At Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic, it is our responsibility to take care of the patients and our relation does not end after providing with hearing aids or treatment. We believe in life-long association and care for people who are associated with our services. We make sure that our client or patient does not face any trouble and hence every prescription of medical device is followed by an aftercare session. We make sure that our client is able to benefit from the hearing aid and speech therapy and stay forever associated with us.

We don’t forget our clients like others and make sure we resolve any issue even after delivery of the product. We understand the frustration an individual go through due to hearing issues and speech problems and being associated for lifetime, we try to make a small difference. We do not deliver and forget but are responsible for aftercare session.

What is included in Life-Time Aftercare session?

Periodic Assessment of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss is subject to age, climate, environment, exposure etc. and may change in an individual from time to time. A person’s ability to hear may change from time to time and this might require them to use another hearing aid. With the after session, every individual is entitled to get free check hearing check up from expert audiologists to understand the level of hearing loss. We make sure that patients are aware of their hearing health.

Performance and Efficiency of Hearing Aid Device

The performance and efficiency of hearing device might reduce with time and with the free aftercare session; audiologists examine the performance of the device. They also make sure that you take proper care and advice on doing the same. At times due to reduced performance of the device, it impairs your ability to hear better and hence evaluation is important to maximise product performance. The instrument is analysed and optimised for better performance with long lasting usage. If required faulty part is changed and the battery can also be replaced.

Inform about Latest Technology

Along with hearing check-up, assessment and evaluation of the device, the sessions also inform clients about latest technological innovations directing towards better hearing and improving speech clarity. It helps in updating one’s information about latest devices in the market and their usage through demonstration.

At Senso Speech and Hearing Clinic, we offer lifetime free assessment and aftercare sessions to clients. The program is intended towards promoting healthy hearing, assessing hearing health and checking the device performance. The aftercare sessions are sort of monitoring programs that is essential maintaining good hearing health. We believe in providing our customers with the best and live up to our words.

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Why We Are Different

You can put a price on products and services. You can’t put a price on relationships and results.

Senso has always ensured to provide excellent patient care in form of diagnosing the problem and providing suitable treatment. We have some of the best and highly skilled specialists with superior knowledge to detect hearing issues, devise a treatment plan and accordingly provide suitable treatment. We have speech pathologists who provides comprehensive audiology related care and therapy in order to reduce speech and communication related disorder.

The Right Answers

Getting effective treatment depends on identifying the right problem.

Seamless Care

Every aspect of your care is coordinated and teams of experts work together to provide exactly the care you need.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our experts are some of the best in the country.

Great Prices

You won’t find our hearing aids at the better price anywhere.